Wujiang city east purification equipment co., LTDMain production products are handmade metal color steel plate series、Rigid polyurethane foam insulation board series、Mechanism of metal choi steel series、Base plate supporting finished Windows and doors,All sorts of purification products,And to undertakeGMPWorkshop、Clean room、The overall design lab、The construction、Maintenance, etc。
Wujiang city east purification equipment co., LTD. Is located in the south of the lower reaches of the yangze river――Suzhou wujiang。There are Shanghai expressway、Shanghai-nanjing expressway、Suzhou-jiaxing-hangzhou expressway linking,Water and land transportation is very convenient。
   We would like to higher quality,More favourable price,More perfect service,Open up wide market together with the friends,A total of figure。
Mutual benefit and win-win social commitment
Social commitment Mutual benefit and win-win results
  • Supply purification engineering

    Supply purification engineering

    Purification engineering is a fundamental industry is very widely used supporting industries,At present(21Century)In the electronic information,The semiconductor,Photoelectron,Medicine and health care,Biological engineering,Aerospace,Car coating are applied in many industries, etc,And in accordance with the requirements of industry and clean,Grade difference is bigger also。
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  • Who will escort to the operating room purification engineering quality?

    Who will escort to the operating room purification engineering quality?

    Clean operating room needs to have special operating room metope clean operating room metope should use sound insulation、Solid、Smooth、No gap、Fire protection、Well protected against dampness、Easy to clean sterile materials of environmental protection。USES the light blue color、It is advisable to light green。The corner is round,To prevent dust。
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